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How to Set Up an Antique Mall Booth Rental in 5 Smart Steps

Updated: Feb 2

Has collecting antiques and searching for that perfect, high-quality, one-of-a-kind item always been a hobby of yours? Has that hobby turned into something you’ve become very passionate about? If you’re finding yourself wanting to share all your unique antiques with others, consider taking that passion and creating a business out of it!

If this sounds like you, it may be time to consider selling your antiques in an antique mall space. Not sure where to start? Sit back, grab your favorite antique teacup, and let us answer everything you need to know about how to sell antiques at a thriving antique mall booth rental.

Prepare Your Antique Mall Booth Rental in 5 Steps

  • Step 1: Find an antique mall space

  • Step 2: Arrange and decorate your booth

  • Step 3: Establish pricing for your antique items

  • Step 4: Take care of your booth regularly

  • Step 5: Enjoy your sales

Large Antique Mall Space with Full Booths

Step 1: Locate the Perfect Antique Mall Space

Antique mall booth rental is the perfect way to kick-start selling your antiques. These spaces offer many benefits and do much of the leg work for you to be able to focus on what you love: antiques and getting them into excited customers’ hands.

Antique mall spaces already have pre-existing customers visiting their locations daily, so you don’t have to worry about getting shoppers in the door! Amenities like Wi-Fi, parking, public bathrooms, and a clean, well-maintained space are also all things that will be taken care of when you have an antique mall booth rental. Most antique malls give different square footage options for vendor booths, so rest assured you can find the perfect size for your one-of-a-kind needs!

After finding your ideal antique mall space, you will most likely sign a lease and contract which outlines the rules and regulations of the antique mall booth rental, monthly lease cost, and details around commission and payment.

Step 2: Move into Your Antique Mall Space

This is where the fun truly begins! It is important to make your antique mall booth rental unique and inviting to attract the most customers possible. There are a few steps to consider when setting up your space, including:

  • Making “walls”

  • Arranging items

  • Creating vignettes

Adding "Walls" to Your Antique Mall Booth Rental

Antique Mall Booth with Walls

These “walls” in your antique mall space may be shelving, old doors, or even large pieces of furniture. Creating physical boundaries helps bring dimension to your space, offers ways for you to hang items, and draws the eye up. Some antique malls have booths prebuilt with a structure that includes walls you can paint, add shelving and decorate to show off your personal style.

Arranging Your Merchandise

Antique Mall Booth Staged Like a Home

The next step in creating your antique mall space is adding and arranging your larger items first and then filling in with your smaller antiques. These larger items will be what shoppers see first. Styling and staging them with your smaller antique items will be what keeps them coming back! If you have mostly antiques add a few vintage pieces and sprinkle in a few newer items like tea towels, a hand-painted sign, or a candle. This draws shoppers into your booth and it shows people a visualization of what an antique or vintage piece might look like in their home.

Why Do I Need Vignettes in My Antique Booth?

Let’s talk for a moment about vignettes. A vignette is a grouping of items that creates a focal point and tells a story. It is important to create vignettes in your antique mall space because they add intrigue to your space, provide décor inspiration for shoppers, and are an easy way to create seasonal and holiday themes.

Ideas for Vignettes in Your Antique Mall Space

  1. Back to school

  2. Seasons (fall, winter, spring, summer)

  3. Holidays (Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Birthdays)

  4. Nature (animals, plants, fruits, vegetables, trees)

  5. Events (picnic, beach day, date night)

Step 3: Price to Sell Antiques

Each item you are selling in your antique mall space will need a price tag and a brief description. The price tag is another way to add intrigue and a special touch to sell your antiques. If you purchased your item from someone or somewhere, make sure to remove the old tags first. Whether it’s a tag with twine, funky-shaped stickers, or durable tags, this forethought will only help you!

Research is your friend when it comes to pricing to sell your antiques. Look around and see what similar items are priced at the antique mall, online, and in other antique spaces. It is important that your antique mall booth rental has a variety of prices to attract the most shoppers possible. Have some big-ticket items, but also ensure there are plenty of options at different price points. “Smalls” is a term used by many to refer to items that are small in size but also have a smaller price. These items make great gifts and impulse purchases and many vendors make their rent by selling “smalls”.

Keep track of what antiques are selling and what is staying to adjust the pricing accordingly, as well as gather a better picture of what type of inventory shoppers want. Remember, you can always attempt different ways to sell antiques, like bundles, BOGOs, and seasonal sales.

Step 4: Maintain Your Antique Mall Space

Maintenance is the name of the game with any antique mall booth rental. It is important to consistently visit your space, take inventory of what is and isn’t selling, restock items, change up the staging and styling, and tidy up. All this effort shows shoppers you have high-quality goods and keeps them coming back because they have learned they’ll never know what they will find next! Vendors have said that simply moving items around in your booth weekly can increase your monthly sales by 50 percent!

7 Hacks for Arranging Your Antique Mall Space

Antique Mall Booth Full of Vintage Finds
  1. Hang your art and salvage items

  2. Add in seasonal filler, like pumpkins, holiday lights, and plants

  3. Create vignettes and themes throughout the antique mall booth rental

  4. Add different lighting, like lamps and string lights, for ambiance and a homey touch

  5. Keep it clean and tidy

  6. Mix in antiques, vintage and newer items to draw the eye

  7. Provide a stack of business cards so shoppers can contact you with any questions

Step 5: Reap the Rewards of Selling Your Antiques

You may be wondering how selling antiques at an antique mall works. Antique malls give each vendor an ID number, which is on their tags and in an online system. When a shopper has found their ideal items at your antique mall space, they take the items to the register at the front of the mall, where customer service associates check them out.

As a vendor, you can log in to the online system to see your daily sales. You can also see if a large item has been sold and you need to bring in something new to fill the space. At the end of the month, the antique mall cuts a check to you for your total sales minus next month’s rent and applicable fees. Remember, vendors who restock and check on their booths often have the best sales!

Creating your ideal antique mall space can be simple with a little preparation, creativity, and attention. At America’s Antique Mall, you will not only have the perfect space but also all the support and amenities to make setting up and selling antiques a breeze.

Use your creativity and passion as you make your antiques come alive at an antique mall near you!

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