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A Guide to Antique Booth Mastery: Everything You Need to Start Selling

Updated: Apr 10

You’ve got your go-getting attitude, bright outlook, and, of course, the cutest vintage items, all labeled and ready to find their new homes. Now what? The next step is creating an orderly antique booth that can showcase all your wares in an inviting way.

Get it just right, and your fun booth will have customers coming back time and time again to check out your latest finds!

The Junky Monkey antique booth

5 Top Considerations When Setting Up Your Antique Booth:

  1. Booth

  2. Display

  3. Customer

  4. Price

  5. Inventory

1. The Antique Booth

Cottagecore vintage and antique items in booth

Your booth should represent your very own distinct personality and style! Consider giving your antique booth a memorable name that represents the items featured there. Giving your vintage booth a name, like The Junky Monkey, The Babe Cave, or The Artsy Dango, creates a brand that customers can remember, follow on social media, and share with friends.

Displaying a sign helps to market in your own way. Remember to tag @AmericasAntiqueMall on social media so we can share it to our page and with our larger community.

Tips for Creating an Inviting Vintage Booth:

Add height to your space: displaying items at different levels draws the eye in. If you don't have taller items, consider hanging or displaying some items on the walls or safely stacking them.

Create an island in the middle of your antique booth: this encourages shoppers to walk in and take a closer look.

Most importantly, remember if you love it, someone else will love it, too!

2. Displaying Antiques

Glam vintage antique mall booth

When it comes to your display, you want to create areas within your vintage booth that draw shoppers in for a look. For a comfortable setup, maximize your booth space by creating vignettes and grouping items into themes. And always remember that a clean and tidy booth is more likely to make a positive impression on a customer.

Keep your booth organized while driving sales at the register with functional storage solutions. You can take advantage of the space inside storage items by adding fillers that can help suggestively sell both the small items and the storage containers.

Antique Booth Functional Storage Solutions:

  • Bins

  • Baskets

  • Containers

  • Vases

3. The Antiques Shopper

Antique mall booth with dining table display

Many of our America's Antique Mall shoppers are repeat and loyal patrons. Keeping things fresh and rotating inventory in your booth helps customers see new things each time they come.

Moving your items around and creating new 'stories' makes a huge difference! If you have multiple antique booths, rotate items from booth to booth periodically. Sometimes an item that wasn't selling will sell quickly once it’s been moved to a new location!

4. Antiques Pricing and Tagging

After you’ve researched and selected the prices for your for-sale items, make sure the amounts are clearly marked and put price tags on every item! When tagging products, you can place a sticker directly on the item or add a tag and a piece of ribbon for a pretty display.

When displaying items that have been sourced from other places, make sure to remove any and all price stickers and store markings. If a prospective customer sees a $2 price sticker on an item that costs $17 at your booth, they will be much less likely to purchase.

Often, shoppers want to purchase the cute shelving units on display in the booth. Consider looking for pieces that you can display items on AND sell, doubling your opportunity for sales. Shelving and storage units sell quickly and for good $$$.

Display table at antique mall

If an item is not for sale because it is a display piece or a decoration for your vintage booth, make sure to add a label saying - For Display or Not For Sale.

5. Antique Booth Inventory

Look for high-quality, unique items to fill your vintage booth. If you think something is really special, someone else will, too. When sourcing items, focus on carrying items that aren't sold by other booth vendors. For example, instead of looking for items you see in a friend's antique booth, look for the most beautiful China set to you, and you'll have a better opportunity to make a final sale.

Dressers and desks sell well - but only if they are in excellent condition, are of good quality, and look beautiful. If you find an old desk with good bones, give it a little love and maybe a fresh coat of paint or stain. It will make a great addition to someone's home.

It is very helpful to have a mix of large, medium, and small-sized items in an array of price ranges in your vintage booth. While the larger-sized items (furniture) may have a higher price, they don't move as quickly, so it is nice to have a good selection of medium and small items to fill your booth with a variety of high- and low-priced goods that can appeal to any buyer.

We have so many amazing dealers and employees with years of experience at America’s Antique Mall. There is a wealth of knowledge and expertise in our AAM family, and we are here to help you sell vintage successfully. Reach out with any questions on how to make your antique booth the best it can be!

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Albert Dexter
Albert Dexter
29. Sept. 2023

"The comprehensive guide on Antique Booth Mastery offers valuable insights for budding entrepreneurs. Mastering the art of selling antiques requires knowledge and finesse, and this guide provides a roadmap for success. For diverse perspectives on entrepreneurship, explore content from your favorite celebrities read more here. Their experiences might inspire innovative approaches to antique selling and business strategies."

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