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Transform 5 Areas of Your Home with Vintage Holiday Décor

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

When you think back to the holiday seasons of your childhood, what do you remember? Were vintage Bing Crosby tunes playing on the radio? Did you and your family bicker over who got the honor of hanging your grandmother's favorite frosted glass ornaments on the tree? Did everyone gather around the dining table for a Christmas dinner on the passed-down vintage tablecloth?

Why not bring those beautiful memories and nostalgia into your home every year? Searching for vintage Christmas décor is a simple and thoughtful way to celebrate the festive season. By decorating a few key areas in the home with vintage holiday décor, you can transform your modern traditions and décor into a holiday straight out of the past!

Get Inspired with Vintage Christmas Décor

Embrace the nostalgic Christmas spirit by finding vintage holiday décor you love. For some, celebrating the holidays surrounded by vintage home decorations is a way to remember their roots and honor a simpler time in their lives during the rush of the Christmas season. For others, it's an excuse to mix and match newfound vintage home decorations with the modern pieces you've used for years to create a completely personal Christmas collection.

When you take the time to discover festive items from decades past and choose places to showcase your vintage Christmas décor, you'll get to enjoy a timeless holiday aesthetic year after year.

Can Vintage Christmas Décor Be Valuable?

Similar to most vintage home decorations, holiday items can be found in a wide range of prices. Most vintage Christmas decorations turn into valuable collectible items over time—it's just a matter of how long ago they were made and how many were produced. Generally, the rarer a vintage home decoration is, the more it's worth.

On the other hand, money is not the only value this type of décor holds. For the more sentimental people, the vintage holiday décor that reminds them of their youth is the most valuable thing on the planet. Collectors who purchase based on nostalgia will spend their money on the décor they love, even when it's not necessarily rare and expensive.

Where Can You Find Vintage Holiday Décor?

Head to your local thrift stores and antique malls to stroll the aisles and browse curated collections of vintage home decorations. Discover classic antique brands and connect with passionate vendors to create the vintage Christmas collection of your dreams. With luck, you'll score the items you've been searching for! Visit our Algonquin, Melbourne, or Highland locations today to find vintage holiday décor you love!

Vintage Christmas décor can also be found in the comfort of your own home! Spend your days searching for the perfect tree toppers, stockings, and more on online forums and auction sites like eBay and Etsy. There are even some independant sellers on Amazon that sell Vintage Christmas Decor.

Too many people overlook one of the best vintage resources—their homes! Dig through the attics, storage units, and forgotten boxes in your home to see if you've been sitting on vintage home decoration treasures without knowing it. And make sure to ask your family members if they have any vintage Christmas décor to spare!

Beloved Vintage Holiday Décor Brands

Start your search with these popular vintage home décor brands for unique and festive pieces to add to your collection:

  1. Shiny Brite

  2. Franklin Gurley Candles

  3. Hallmark

5 Spots to Display Vintage Christmas Décor in Your Home

Once you've begun your collection and the jingle bells start ringing, it's time to decorate your home floor to ceiling! Start with these five places to put your vintage holiday décor on display all season long:

1. Decorate the Tree with Vintage Christmas Décor

Christmas trees are typically the star of the home during the holidays, so why not find vintage Christmas décor to hang on its branches? Search for unique ornaments and antique tree toppers and learn about the tradition of tinsel trees to make the tree your own. Don't forget to find an antique tree skirt to complete the look!

Pro tip: Keep the more breakable ornaments and decor out of harm's reach by displaying them in a large glass container or bowl. Place it on the mantle or bookshelf, or use it as a glittering centerpiece all season long!

2. Feature Festive Vintage Linens Around the Home

Linens are a simple way to transform your home into a vintage holiday dream. Almost any thrift shop or antique mall will have a stock of soft, reusable linens. Choose from different jubilant designs, from the classic reds and greens of Christmas to embroidered snowflake patterns. Get creative and fill different rooms of your home with holiday linens, from the hand towels in the bathroom to the cloth napkins and tablecloth at the dining table.

Popular Vintage Linens You Can Find Anywhere:

  • Tablecloths

  • Napkins

  • Hand towels

  • Doilies

  • Christmas tree skirts

3. Fill the Kitchen with Vintage Holiday Décor

Between baking Christmas treats, whipping up a batch of hot chocolate, and hosting family gatherings, the kitchen is a high-traffic area of the house during the holidays. Stock up on vintage cookware from antique malls to replace your typical everyday items during the season to give every meal a vintage vibe. Find unique dessert trays to leave out cookies for Santa and more at your local antique mall, and turn your modern kitchen into a Christmas scene straight out of a catalog from years gone by.

4. Embellish the Exterior of Your House with Vintage Home Decorations

Don't forget to spruce up the outside of your home with classic vintage home decorations during the holidays! Whether you prefer the bright glow of white lights or the '50s trend of colorful bulbs, put up your favorite strands of lights on the border of the house for a timeless style. To take vintage Christmas to another level, decorate your porch and yard with whimsical vintage blow molds and other vintage home decorations to create a winter wonderland scene your neighbors will love!

5. Elevate Small Surfaces with Christmas Collectibles

When it comes to decorating with vintage holiday décor, remember to think small. So many nooks, crannies, and surfaces are available for showcasing your favorite pieces. Set up your ideal Christmas village on top of the China cabinet. Make a bottle brush forest on your mantle. Place your antique Nutcracker collection on the bookshelf. The options are endless!

Between scouring the internet, visiting antique malls, and rediscovering antique treasures at home, anyone can find vintage home decorations for the holidays. Start your vintage Christmas décor collection at one of our locations and transform your home into a vintage wonderland this season!

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