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Popular Vintage Cookware You Can Score at Your Local Antique Mall

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

There’s nothing quite like your mom’s perfect peach cobbler on a summer day or your grandpa’s famous vegetable soup served up piping hot. The tastes of home combined with the classic cookware used to serve them can turn around a bad day in an instant. Something about that classic, vintage cookware just reminds you of home.

Vintage cookware is a great thing to collect and can bring out the best nostalgic feelings. They can add function and charm to your kitchen and might even be surprisingly valuable if you ever decide to sell them! If you’re hoping to add a little flair and a touch of history to your kitchen, vintage cookware is the way to go!

From vintage CorningWare and Corelle to vintage Pyrex, Tupperware, and more, America’s Antique Mall has all the vintage cookware you could ever want.

Why is Vintage Cookware Popular?

Adding vintage cookware to your kitchen is a great way to add variety to your current selection of kitchen products. Their use is twofold: they can be used for display and for cooking some of your favorite meals that will transport you right back to childhood!

Three popular types of vintage cookware include:

  1. Cast iron skillets

  2. Copper pots and pans

  3. Stainless steel cookware

What to Look for in a Great Vintage Cast Iron Skillet

Cast iron is timeless and extremely useful, and finding a great piece is easier than you think! Before you start shopping, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. There are many different shapes, sizes, and handle types from which to choose. Look for cast iron vintage cookware that appears smooth and even, but don’t be afraid of pieces that look well-loved!

One huge benefit to used iron vintage cookware is that it’s likely already seasoned well. Seasoning cast iron is a process that makes your piece of vintage cookware more water-resistant and gives it a natural, non-stick surface. There are many different vendors that might have cast iron vintage cookware around the mall, so be sure to be on the lookout!

Cleaning Cast Iron

Keeping your cast iron pieces clean is easy but is a little different than you might be used to with regular dishes. There are many theories and practices for washing cast iron, but simplicity is best. Wash your cast iron pan with warm water, scraping any bits of food, and cleanse with a non-metal scrub brush. You can use a tiny bit of soap, but some people choose to use salt to scrub their cast iron!

After use, always be sure to dry immediately and season as necessary. Cast iron is very porous, so allowing water to sit in it could damage the integrity of the pan and cause rusting. Seasoning properly also helps to avoid this!

Why are Copper Pots and Pans Useful?

Vintage copper pots and pans are not only functional, but they’re beautiful pieces that can serve as vintage cookware décor in your home. You can hang a copper pot on the wall, or you can even use a copper pan as a serving dish to give your dinner party a rustic feel. This vintage cookware is extremely durable and can last a lifetime with proper care.

Copper is a great material for pots and pans because it’s a great conductor of heat, ensuring your food cooks efficiently and evenly. Copper is also a natural antibacterial agent, which means it can help keep your food safe during the cooking process. Additionally, it’s non-reactive, so it won’t alter the taste of your food!

Stainless Steel Cookware is Valuable Vintage Cookware

Another favorite type of vintage cookware is stainless steel. Like copper, stainless steel vintage cookware is also non-reactive, so the flavors of your kitchen masterpiece won’t be altered. Stainless steel vintage cookware is durable and easy to clean and maintain, so it’s a great choice for busy cooks.

Finally, stainless steel vintage cookware is beautiful and versatile. It’s often very stylish and comes in tons of different colors and patterns, ensuring any cookware aficionado can find something that matches their preferences.

The Most-Coveted Vintage Cookware

There are several specific brands that might be of special interest to you in your search for vintage cookware treasures.

Some of the brands we love are:

  • Vintage CorningWare

  • Vintage Corelle

  • Vintage Pyrex

  • Vintage Tupperware

Valuable Vintage CorningWare

CorningWare was first introduced in the 1950s and has been a popular household name ever since. Vintage CorningWare is a type of oven-safe glassware that is a great choice for everyday use, but it will also wow guests with its variety of dainty patterns and vibrant colors. Vintage CorningWare is also generally dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze.

The value of vintage CorningWare can vary depending on the type, pattern, and condition of the piece. The functionality of vintage CorningWare is unmatched, as these pieces can withstand high heat and hearty ingredients. With a bit of patience, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of vintage CorningWare to add to your collection.

Best Vintage CorningWare Patterns

When searching for vintage CorningWare, you should keep an eye out for patterns that might match the feel and design of your kitchen. Whatever the design, you’re sure to receive tons of compliments on your vintage CorningWare collection.

3 Valuable Vintage CorningWare Patterns:

  1. Overbird

  2. Peach blossom

  3. Autumn leaves

Ovenbird-patterned vintage CorningWare features a beautiful, colorful bird motif and remains one of the most valuable and popular patterns. Peach blossom vintage CorningWare features a delicate peach blossom design, perfect for those peach cobblers and fruity desserts in the summertime. Autumn leaves vintage CorningWare was first introduced in the 1960s; its warm pattern is great for a fall dessert or a cozy casserole.

What is Corelle?

Corelle is a type of dinnerware that’s made from a special glass called Vitrelle. Vitrelle is known for its lightweight construction and has a finish that makes Corelle resistant to chips and cracks.

Why People Want Vintage Corelle

Vintage Corelle pieces are popular because they’re beautiful, sturdy, and a great choice for everyday use. Pieces of vintage Corelle are popular for their nostalgic value because the brand has been around for over 50 years. Many people remember these vintage Corelle pieces as ones that frequented their dining room tables as children, complete with their mom’s home cooking.

Other folks collect vintage Corelle for its durability and quality. Oftentimes, you never have to replace vintage Corelle because they’re extremely unlikely to break, even with tough use by little ones.

What to Look for When Hunting for Vintage Corelle

Each piece of vintage Corelle comes with its own charm and can fit in a variety of different kitchens. Once you have a decent collection of vintage Corelle, it might be fun to hang them up on a gallery wall in your kitchen for some unique décor.

Popular Vintage Corelle Patterns:

  • Autumn leaves

  • Butterfly gold

  • Spring blossom

The patterns listed above are just a few of the dozens of designs of vintage Corelle pieces. At America’s Antique Mall, you might find some classic vintage Corelle patterns or ones you haven’t seen before! Part of the thrill of searching for these vintage Corelle pieces is that you never know what you’ll find.

Classic Cooking with Vintage Pyrex

Pyrex is a brand that has been around since the early 20th century and has been a staple in many American homes for generations. Pyrex is durable, can withstand high temperatures, and offers timeless designs. Many vintage Pyrex pieces are highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, and finding them can be an exciting adventure!

Like vintage CorningWare, Vintage Pyrex can be used for cooking, baking, and for decoration, as well! Many of these vintage Pyrex pieces feature bright and bold designs that can add a bit of flair and a pop of color to any kitchen or dining room. Since vintage Pyrex is both functional and durable, it can be passed down through generations and become somewhat of a family heirloom.

How Valuable is Vintage Pyrex?

Just like with any other antique find, it can be difficult to determine the true value of any one piece of vintage Pyrex. While some patterns are highly sought after and can have impressive price tags, other vintage Pyrex patterns are special for more nostalgic reasons. Many of us can remember a classic vintage Pyrex dish around our grandparents’ table, and using vintage Pyrex now can transport us right back to that happy place.

If you’re searching for high-dollar vintage Pyrex, make sure to pay attention to the condition of the piece. Chips and cracks are unlikely, given the durable nature of the materials, but damaged vintage Pyrex isn’t nearly as valuable. Other things to consider are the rarity of the pattern and the age of the vintage Pyrex.

When it comes to finding vintage Pyrex, remember it’s not all about the dollar value but also about the personal connection you have to it. If a piece of vintage Pyrex reminds you of joyous family dinners, it’s well worth buying.

The Many Uses of Vintage Tupperware

Another treasure in the world of antique kitchen tools is vintage Tupperware. Tupperware is very well-known and is a household name. Tupperware was first introduced in the late 1940s by Earl Tupper, who named the famous brand after himself. The inspiration for Tupperware was finding an airtight seal for food storage, and Mr. Tupper did just that! Tupperware was an instant hit and continues its popularity streak to this day.

One of the most significant advantages of vintage Tupperware is its durability. Tupperware is made of very high-quality plastic that is designed to last, even with heavy use. Many of these vintage Tupperware pieces are still in excellent condition. Another advantage to vintage Tupperware is that a lot of it was designed to be stackable, saving valuable cabinet and counter space.

Vintage Tupperware can be used in a multitude of ways in the kitchen but also in other parts of the home! You can use your vintage Tupperware in the kitchen for food prep, storage, packing lunches, and taking food on the go. Aside from those uses, vintage Tupperware could be used to store craft supplies, organize screws and nails in the garage, or keep small toys in one safe place.

Vintage Tupperware Designs

Like vintage Pyrex, vintage CorningWare, and vintage Corelle, vintage Tupperware comes in a variety of colors and patterns that excite collectors and vintage cookware enthusiasts. Vintage Tupperware comes in solid colors ranging from bright white to bold oranges and blues. There are also many popular vintage Tupperware designs with unique geometric shapes, floral patterns, and pretty, eye-catching styles.

Caring for Your Vintage Cookware

Taking care of your vintage cookware is simple, but there are a few tips to remember. Three of the most important steps for caring for vintage Tupperware, Corelle, Pyrex, and CorningWare are:

  • Hand wash

  • Dry thoroughly

  • Store in a cool, dry place

Though many pieces are advertised as dishwasher-safe, with some antiques, it might be safer to hand wash them in warm, soapy water. Using harsh detergents might damage certain patterns or colors, so stick to simple dish soap. Additionally, always make sure your items are dried thoroughly! Residual water can damage vintage cookware, so it’s best to dry immediately after washing.

Finally, store your vintage cookware in a cool, dry place if you’re not using them for décor. Too much humidity or sunlight could cause some changes in patterns and colors. If you choose to hang your pieces up or use them as decorations, try to avoid places with direct sunlight.

Tips for Finding Great Vintage Cookware

Finding fabulous antiques is an exciting challenge. If you’re looking to add some value to your collections, don’t forget to do your research. As mentioned above, certain patterns and colors of vintage CorningWare, Corelle, Pyrex, and Tupperware can go for higher price points than others, and doing your research is important to get a fair deal!

Additionally, be patient and trust the process! Antiquing is fun, so don’t let the pressure of finding a specific piece dull your excitement. Remember that half the fun is the thrill of the hunt and coming across surprises. Our Algonquin, Melbourne, and Highland locations all have great opportunities and events for finding treasures, both antique and new! And if you’re ever interested in dealing antiques or other specialties, come pay us a visit!

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