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Discover the Beauty of Collectible Figurines

When it comes to collectible figurines, there's a niche for everyone. Some may remember the extremely popular porcelain figurines from their grandmother's China cabinets, while others have been collecting favorite Disney characters for years. Whatever your style, collecting figurines is a fun hobby and a chance to show off your special interests in your home décor.

If starting a figurines collection seems daunting, don't worry! Join us as we discuss the vast history of these incredible collectibles, the most popular brands, and how and where to find collectible figurines in your area.

What are Collectible Figurines?

A collectible figurine is a 3D sculpture made from porcelain, glass, or plastic that depicts a person, animal, or character. Someone could want to collect any figurine that has to do with a certain person or shape, while others may focus on an entire collection of Hummel figurines. So, while there seems to be an easy definition of a collectible figurine, the real meaning lies in the collector's interest.

Is There a Distinction Between Figurines and Toys?

A collectible figurine occupies a space, such as a display case or box, while a vintage toy is played with. Those who search for antique collectible figurines do not fall in the same category as those who collect vintage toys. Certain vintage toy brands have created items that one day become high-value figurines, but that does not qualify them as vintage toys.

Many make the mistake of referring to figurines as vintage toys, but it’s important to learn the distinction as you begin your collecting journey so you know the preferred lingo within collector communities.

History of Figurines

Collectible figurines aren't vintage toys as some people assume—they're chock full of history! Cultures around the globe have always created little statues, generally depicting deities or royalty. By the 18th century, this artistic idea spread to Europe, and porcelain figurines became a common decoration in the everyday home. From then on, anything from action figures to sought-after Hummel figurines were beloved items to collect in homes worldwide.

How Much Do Collectible Figurines Go For?

If you're looking for a hobby that won't drain the wallet, collecting antique collectibles is for you! Collectible figurines have a wide price range, selling anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds—it just depends on the kind you're trying to find.

The value of a figurine can depend on many factors, including the brand. While rare Hummel figurines may sell for hundreds, others are often priced lower. In fact, some brands are considered affordable, going for a couple of bucks at the flea market or online.

Popular Vintage Figurines Brands (and What They’re Worth)

As you start collecting figurines, visit an antique store or browse online to discover what you want to collect.

While there are endless collectible figurine brands, there are five brands that are extremely popular:

  1. Hummel

  2. Precious moments

  3. Swarovski

  4. Disney

  5. Lladró

Among these five, three stand out as having the most sought-after vintage figurines for collectors:

1. Adorable Hummel Figurines

Whether you knew it or not, you likely saw famous Hummel figurines in your grandparent's home when you were growing up. These classic figurines have been around since the '30s, and avid collectors will do everything possible to find these charming statues of adorable children. Each Hummel figurine shows a playful little scene with muted colors, making them a popular collectible for homes across the globe.

Hummel items can sometimes have a reputation for being pricier, with rare ones going for a few hundred dollars. Plenty of whimsical Hummel figurines can be sold for around $30 to $60, depending on the market. But since these have been a family favorite for decades, you will likely find them at a yard sale or flea market near you!

2. Elegant Swarovski Crystal Figurines

Everyone knows the Swarovski name for sparkling jewelry, but did you know the crystal brand makes some of the most expensive and rare figurines on the market? From whimsical crystal mice to annual snowflake ornaments and more, Swarovski dominated the crystal figurine field, introducing unique shapes and vibrant colors.

Swarovski figurines can fetch quite a high price because of the time-consuming process and high-quality and timeless crystal cut. Many of these sparkling pieces can be found for hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the age, condition, and figure depicted. If you find one for a relatively low price, grab it! It could be worth much more when authenticated.

3. Illustrious Lladró Figurines

Lladró is a Spanish brand renowned for its fluid positions and delicate coloring. Many vintage Lladró pieces feature elegant women in beautiful dresses, young children surrounded by flowers, or well-to-do men with their horses. These timeless figurines depict a simpler time in life, using a unique and artistic style, making them a household favorite.

Lladró is middle-of-the-road in value, with the average price ranging from $40 to $300. Of course, like vintage toys, the rarer the figurine, the more expensive it will be, but most of the Lladró pieces found are in that middle range.

Where to Shop For Collectible Figurines

As soon as you begin collecting, you can join the vast community of online figurine collectors. Auction sites like eBay are always dependable, but with so many different types of collections, there are forums for finding and selling certain brands like discount Hummel figurines, Lladró, Swarovski, and more.

For a more hands-on approach, visit an antique mall and attend an event or meet endless collectible figurine vendors who can peddle like pros. From classic Hummel pieces to popular action figures, you'll never know what's waiting for you at the antique mall if you don't look. Who knows, maybe you'll want to set up a booth or showcase with your own wares sometime!

Ideas for Displaying Your Collectible Figurines

Once you've gotten your hands on a couple of figurines, it's important to show them off in your home for everyone to see! These are some popular spots in the home to display your Hummel figurines and priceless Swarovski pieces:

Spread a few of your favorite collectibles on your bookshelf as fun accent décor.

Display an entire collection of Hummel figurines on your mantle for all your guests to enjoy.

Keep them safe in wall decor display cases that protect each character with glass or acrylic.

Invest your time and energy into this exciting hobby and choose a type of collectible figurine to get started! Make a day of it and walk the many aisles of our Highland, Algonquin, or Melbourne locations today to hunt for figurines to add to your growing collection.

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I have a antique mickey mouse figurine with a Mickey mouse pull cart, It looks to be the original.I can't find anything to compare it to.

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