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Discover the Magic of Disney Collectibles

Updated: May 24

If your heart soars when you see that iconic castle logo on your TV screen, collecting Disney collectible items could be the perfect hobby for you. With 100 years’ worth of movies, cartoons, theme park rides, and comic strips comes 100 years of Disney vintage shirts, posters, figurines, and more! 

What better place to look for an exciting addition than antique store aisles filled with unique and rare Disney collectibles? From depictions of Mickey Mouse to retro wall art, there are thousands of ways to show off your love for the magical world of Disney—it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for. Whether you’ve been collecting for decades or are looking for a new passion, shopping for Disney classic pieces at our antique mall locations is fun for all ages.  

The Magical History of Disney

Walt Disney had always dreamed big, from when he was a little kid beginning to draw and paint to the early stages of his first company, which started in October of 1923. His popularity began with his creative cartoon couple, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, combining short, animated films featuring voices and songs. From there, he and his brother, Roy, continued to draw a cartoon bunch of animals that graced screens throughout the Great Depression, giving the company feet to stand on to continue other endeavors. 

Collectibles have been around since the early years, with Disney vintage watches, dolls, and clothing featuring illustrations of Mickey and his friends. These became popular items around the country. In the next few decades, Walt Disney expanded the company (and his fame) to the full-length animated and live-action movie industry, bringing Disney classics such as “Bambi,” “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” and “Mary Poppins” to movie theaters worldwide. 

The studio makes movies, cartoons, live-action TV, and more to this day—with no signs of slowing down! And, of course, the Disney classic collectibles live on in collector’s homes worldwide. 

The Rise of Walt Disney’s Famed Amusement Parks

With his legacy already solidified and popular Disney classic collectibles being produced with every film's release, what would Walt do next? Why, build an amusement park, of course!

Disneyland opened in 1955, combining beloved movie characters from his films and new takes on classic theme park rides to create an unbelievable place for adults and children to enjoy together. Although Walt Disney passed in 1966, his legacy would live on in parks around the globe, from Disney World in Florida to Tokyo Disneyland, as well as in his famous characters and creations. 

3 Reasons to Collect Classic Disney Collectibles

Nowadays, spotting Disney vintage T-shirts or toys in an antique mall is a given. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby or want to learn how to sell vintage items for yourself, there are three main reasons to search for Disney collectibles:

1. Disney Collectibles are Fun for All Ages

Many grew up tuning into the Saturday morning cartoons or listening to the catchy Disney Channel theme song during commercials. Whether you’re 9 or 99, nostalgia is one of the leading reasons to collect Disney classic items. 

Everyone has an era that reminds them of the cheerful times of their youth, and collecting items from that period helps people connect to their inner child. It’s easy to get the entire family in one the collecting experience—just bring them to a Florida antique mall event and help them find Disney collectibles they love, too! 

2. Disney Collectibles Can Turn a Profit

What many people don’t know is that Disney classic items can be extremely valuable! With a wide price point range, from a couple of dollars to tens of thousands, certain Disney collectibles can be a gold mine. If you’re looking to make a financial investment for your future, buying certain Disney vintage figurines, posters, and more is a smart move. These could increase in value in the coming years, and when you’re looking to sell, you will turn a profit.

3. Disney Collectibles Make Unique and Personal Home Décor 

If you’re wondering how to start a collectible collection, the key is the presentation. When you collect Disney vintage figurines, artwork, or stuffed animals, you don’t have to store them out of sight! Proudly present your pieces and personalize your home décor by keeping them on display. 

From the fireplace mantle to specialized shelves, any Disney classic items will reflect your passions for you and your guests to enjoy 24/7. Just look amongst the vintage furniture in Florida to find a Disney vintage poster to take home. 

5 Ways to Display Your Vintage Disney Collectibles

With a Disney classic collection as beautiful as yours, you deserve to display it around your home. Decorate with vintage décor and Disney pieces in these five ways: 

1. Protect your Disney classic figurines in display cases

2. Place Disney collectible pins on lanyards or peg boards

3. Set out stuffed animals on your mantle or bookshelf

4. Frame your Disney classic fine art and posters and mix them into your gallery wall

5. Create a booklet or binder of your priceless movie cels and comic book artifacts

What is Disney 100?

If you read the news, you may have seen the phrase “Disney 100” thrown about lately—but what is that? Well, hang the banners and blow up the balloons; this year, Disney turned 100! Disney 100 has been posted everywhere in the parks, online, and on collectibles to help the employees and fans celebrate this amazing anniversary. Walt’s legacy has lived on, and as the company is passed on to new, amazing CEOs, the movies, characters, and park additions are something to celebrate. 

Special Edition Disney Collectibles for the 100th Anniversary

With celebrations throughout the parks and company comes new, limited-edition collectibles, from Disney classic accessories to kitchen pieces. By the 200th anniversary, these Disney 100 pieces may be priceless:

Where to Find Disney Collectibles

With Disney parks, stores, and fans spanning the globe, finding a one-stop shop for creating your collection would be impossible. Browse for Disney collectibles from the comfort of your home with online resources from auction sites, individual consigner shops, and forums. There, you can also connect with like-minded collectors and sellers to create relationships for future purchases and questions. 

Odds are, there are Disney classic pieces hidden in plain sight near you! Explore the different spaces available to you, from local estate sales to the storage spaces of relatives. You’ll never know what rare and valuable Disney vintage toys and clothing you could discover. 

The most popular choice for Disney classic collectors is an antique mall! Whether you stumble across an antique mall in Chicago while on vacation or frequent your local vendor mall, vendors constantly update their stock to give you new and exciting options every trip. Every visit is an adventure, with some vendors specializing in only Disney collectibles and others having only a precious few. When you’re first starting out, travel to an antique mall to get the widest in-person variety. 

7 Types of Disney Vintage Items to Search For

Whether you’re preparing to visit an Illinois antique mall or are just curious about the options available, experts often break Disney collectibles up into seven different categories:

1. Disney Vintage Posters

Disney has been designing colorful and creative posters since their very first cartoon shorts, with the early ones being incredibly sought after for their monetary value and decorative purposes. Hang these up in different rooms of your house or keep them in high-quality storage to sell later on. 

Disney vintage posters that are rare or in mint condition will be more expensive, but if you stumble across one with a small amount of damage, don’t leave it behind! Certain collectors will pay a pretty penny for an original poster of a movie they love, regardless of age. 

2. Disney Vintage Animation Cels

True Disney film buffs love collecting the Disney collectible cels from a movie. For those unfamiliar, a cel refers to the hand-drawn images from a single frame of an animated film, a practice predating computer-generated animation. Every cel adds up to create the finalized movie, and these Disney vintage cels have been circulating the collector’s market for years. If you come across one at an Indiana vendor mall from your favorite film or with a particularly exciting illustration, buy it! 

3. Disney Collectible Figurines

Figurine collections are beautiful, and Disney vintage figurines have been made from all sorts of materials, from plastic to Swarovski crystal, across different brands, making them a versatile and endless type to collect. The figurines depict Disney characters, whether a prince and princess from a favorite movie or Mickey and Minnie in adorable situations. From colorful Disney Pez dispensers to Jim Shore pieces inspired by folk art, Disney collectible figurines are one of the most popular collectibles found in Florida and other states for those who want to display their pieces proudly around their home.  

4. Disney Vintage Stuffed Animals and Clothing

Since many people’s love of Disney starts young, it makes sense that there are a hundred years of Disney vintage stuffed animals and clothing items on the market. From vintage fluffy Goofy stuffed animals to sweatshirts showing the princesses’ furry sidekicks, adults and children love collecting these adorable creations. Show off your vintage clothing styles, Disney classic sweatshirts, and stuffed animals to start the perfect introductory collection, especially if you want to involve your younger family members. 

5. Disney Classic Comic Books 

Comic book collecting is a serious business, and Walt Disney’s crew of animals lent themselves perfectly to comics. Starting in 1940, Mickey Mouse and his friends starred in over 700 issues of Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories. 

These Disney classic comics were beloved by children and adults alike. Though not all of them remain in perfect condition, many of them are still sold anywhere from a couple hundred to over $10,000 dollars to passionate collectors. Even a single panel or page, when authenticated, can sell as a Disney collectible artwork. 

6. Disney Vintage Pins

If you’ve ever been to a Disney park, you already know how important collecting Disney classic pins is to many attendees. But did you know that the Disney vintage pins have existed since the earliest days? As the tradition of trading pins became popular in the ‘90s, Disney vintage pins became a staple in collections everywhere. Certain rare pins can be extremely valuable, but many believe the real value is having a personal connection to the character depicted on the pin.

What Factors Into a Disney Collectible Pin Price?

  • Rarity

  • Release date

  • Condition

  • Certain characters

  • Where it’s found

7. Disney Classic Fine Art

When you walk the streets of Disney, you’ll come across the more upscale shops selling beautifully framed Disney vintage art prints and beautiful statues. If you’re interested in collecting sophisticated pieces that still show off your love of the House of Mouse, buying Disney classic art pieces may be best. Whether you’re looking for a commemorative piece to celebrate Disney 100 or come across a vintage, hand-illustrated portrait, these are often valuable—and stylish. 

Should You Get Disney Collectibles Appraised?

If you’re interested in becoming an antique dealer or are curious about what your Disney vintage T-shirt would go for, you should consider sending it in to be authenticated and appraised. When you send your Disney collectibles in, you will get an accurate idea of the value and be able to certify that it is not a fake. The most trustworthy appraisal companies have experts who can give you an accurate idea of what your prized possessions are worth before you join our vendors and sell your items.

As Walt Disney once said, “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” The same goes for starting and curating your own collection! Once you take the leap and buy your first Disney vintage item, you’re already on your way. Explore an antique mall, shop online, and hunt down pieces you love to show off your love for the magical world of Disney!

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