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What Everyone Needs to Know About Funko Pop

Updated: Apr 24

We all have those childhood movies we love or that show we’ve binge-watched a thousand times. Typically, one of the biggest reasons we have these attachments and nostalgia around movies and shows is because of the characters, from how we connect with them to the joy they bring us.

Funko Pop is the latest way to connect to characters from all your favorite shows, movies, and pop culture. Let’s find out together all you need to know to start the endless fun of acquiring your favorite Funko Pop collectibles.

Collection of Funko Pops in antique mall

What Are Funko Pop Collectibles?

Funko Pop collectibles are vinyl figurines of characters from pop culture, movies, and real life. They are unique and immediately recognizable due to their signature oversized heads and black eyes. Funko Pop has become quite popular around the world since its rise to fame in 2010.

Funko Pop originally started in 1998 by a toy collector who wanted to create a toy-like mascot for a restaurant franchise based in Michigan. In 2005, under new ownership, Funko Pop figurines were first created. It is estimated that today, there are over 8,300 Funko Pop designs!

Why Are Funko Pop Collectibles Popular?

Funko Pop figurines cover characters from a vast array of pop culture, movies, and television shows. These fun, adorable figures have also been made for the gaming community and other markets that typically do not have much merchandise.

Simply put, Funko Pop is a way for people to connect to a character they have fallen in love with or a movie or television show they have nostalgia around. We all remember the first time we were introduced to the characters from “Spiderman” or “Harry Potter” or when we binged “Stranger Things.” Funko Pop collectibles are a fun way to commemorate those memories with adorable figurines of your favorite characters!

Funko Pop collectibles are generally affordable and accessible to the public, making it easy for most people to buy as many as they want. Funko Pops usually sell for under $15 but beware - the company makes a limited amount of each character created, so the figures always sell quickly!

Is Funko Pop Collecting Worth It?

Darth Vader die cast Funko Pop

Most people collecting Funko Pop do it for the love of the characters they can find and the fun they can have with their collections. Funko Pop collectors have also found a sense of community and belonging with others obsessed with these vinyl figurines; you cannot put a price tag on connection and friendship!

There are some rare Funko Pops that can get you high dollar if sold, but if the sole reason you are collecting Funko Pop is for monetary value, you may want to find something more profitable to collect.

Top 7 Rare Funko Pop Figures

“Clockwork Orange” (Glow-in-the-Dark Chase Limited Edition of Alex DeLarge)

“Game of Thrones” (Freddy Funko as Jaime Lannister)

Freddy Funko as Count Chocula

Stan Lee (Superhero)

“Star Wars” (Darth Maul)


Boo Berry

How To Start Collecting Funko Pop

There is no right or wrong way to start your Funko Pop collection. Most people start by choosing characters they love and buying them. It’s hard to stop!

Do you have fond memories of reading “Spiderman” comics and watching the movies? Finding the perfect Spiderman Funko Pop may be just the right way to kickstart your newest obsession. Did you binge-watch “Stranger Things” with your best friend? What better gift for them than a “Stranger Things” Funko Pop character!

Funko Pop collectibles come in many different categories, sizes, and editions. Some collectors choose to hone in their collection in categories, whether it be specific movies or shows, sizes, or Funko Pop finishes. No matter what category you choose to start your Funko collection, you can add to it with more favorites as you find them.

Collectible Funko Pops on shelf

Funko Pop Finishes


Black and white







Where Can I Get Funko Pop Collectibles?

Funko Pop figures can be found in mainstream stores, comic/gaming shops, online, and at an antique mall near you! There are also many Funko Pop collector’s groups that are online or in person where you can trade and connect with other Funk Pop enthusiasts.

Should I Keep My Funko Pop in the Box?

Once you get your hands on your favorite Spiderman Funko Pop or “Stranger Things” Funko Pop, the great debate is whether to keep it in the box or not. Deciding to keep your Funko Pop collectible in the box or take it out really depends on why you are collecting and what you want to do with your fun figures.

Obviously, Funko Pops will be more valuable in the box among collectors. If selling your Funko Pop collectibles at the highest price possible is important to you, keep them in the box. If you are more interested in the fun of collecting and using them, take them out of the box and let your imagination run wild!

What Can I Do with Funko Pops?

Disney character Funko Pops on table

The possibilities are endless with Funko Pop. While collecting, trading, and selling are all great things to do with Funko Pop collectibles, people have also used them to create scenes with characters, take pictures for social media, or create movies and other art. You would be surprised by the social media following some Funko Pop collectors have!

You can display your Spiderman Funko Pop and “Stranger Things” Funko Pop characters on shelves or in specific configurations on a coffee table to reflect a favorite movie scene. If your collection gets big enough, you may need to devote a whole room in your house to it, like some collectors have done!

How Do I Know I Have an Authentic Funko Pop?

Sadly, there can be counterfeit Funko Pops. There are several ways to check if a Funko Pop is legit. When buying a figurine, make sure to inspect the box or ask for pictures. Fake Funko Pops often have strange borders, missing logos, or wrong numbering, coloring, and stickers.

Funko Pops always have unique number made up of the year and item number. If a Funko Pop collectible is missing this, it’s most likely fake. These item numbers are easy to look up and verify online.

Funko Pops have the Funko LLC logo on the bottom of the character’s feet, below the back of the skull, or under the character’s chin. If you can’t find the logo, it most likely isn’t real.

There are so many possibilities with Funko Pop collectibles. Connect to the joy and memories the characters from your favorite movies and shows have brought you with these funky, cartoon-like figures. It’s hard not to smile once you have one in your hands!

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