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How to Create the Perfect Home Office with an Antique Desk as the Centerpiece

Updated: Mar 28

With a growing number of people working from home in some capacity (hybrid or fully remote), more of us need a comfortable, functional workspace in the house. If you are looking for budget-friendly options, love the vintage and secondhand trend, or simply want to be eco-friendly with your purchases, look no further than an antique desk. An antique desk can serve as an eye-catching centerpiece in your home office space, and you can find them in several distinct, striking styles and countless variations.

Finish out your office space with an antique chair and antique bookshelf for extra charm. And if you’re itching for some DIY projects, an antique dresser can be converted into a printer station with storage, and an antique table can be used for additional workspace.

Voila! Your new-to-you office space is brimming with personality and whimsy. I’ll bet you’re feeling inspired to settle in at that desk and get some great work done.

Antique "Domestic" sewing table

What Defines an Antique?

A piece of furniture is considered “antique” if it is 100 years old or older. Antique furniture can also include paintings, handmade pieces, wooden furnishings, and other home décor.

Though some people may use the term “vintage furniture” interchangeably with “antique furniture,” they are not the same thing. “Vintage” refers to furniture that is 20 to 99 years old that also exhibits the popular style/characteristics of its era.

Where to Buy an Antique Desk

Where does one find an antique desk and other antique or vintage pieces? You could start by searching online for ideas and price ranges. Also, check with older family members to see if they are downsizing or have an old desk in storage somewhere. Shop in person at estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and, of course, antique malls.

America’s Antique Mall is a great place to find an antique desk because it is one location chock-full of unique items that are antique, vintage, and retro, as well as collectibles and upcycled items. Our location in Highland, Indiana, boasts over 600 vendors and 309 booths, and our location in Melbourne, Florida, has over 250 vendors and 275 booths. We offer the best antique and vintage furniture in Indiana and Florida.

Antique desk with hutch and glass doors

Types of Antique Desks

All antique desks are not created equal, and they certainly don’t all look the same. They vary greatly in size, number of drawers, and writing surface type. Browse through these six types of antique desks to get an idea of which style would fit best in your home office space:

  • Secretary (Escritoire)

  • Pedestal writing desk

  • Bureau á Gradin

  • Campaign desk

  • Roll-top

  • School desk

Complete Your Home Office with More Antique Pieces

You will need more than just a desk in your new home office setup, obviously. Instead of getting your additional office furniture from a big box store, you should consider springing for vintage or antiques (bonus: things like antique dressers make great DIY projects that can show off your personality!). Getting one-of-a-kind pieces, like an antique bookshelf, will ensure no one else has the same setup as you do and are a great way to display your personal style.

Other Antique Furniture to Use in a Home Office:

  • Antique chair

  • Antique dresser

  • Antique bookshelf

  • Antique table

Vintage school desk

Find an Antique Chair to Complement Your Desk

Of course, you will need a seat to go along with your new-to-you antique desk, so why not get a fabulous antique chair to complement it? There are so many types to consider, like ladderback, Queen Anne, Windsor, Hepplewhite, and Sheraton chairs, just to name a few. Browse around and decide which antique chair style works best with your desk — and be sure to measure and make sure it’ll fit.

Upcycle an Antique Dresser for Office Storage

Chances are your printer won’t fit comfortably next to your computer on your desk. You can use an antique dresser as a beautiful and functional printing and storage station. You can leave the antique dresser as-is or spruce it up as a DIY project. A great feature is that the drawers underneath can also serve as office supplies or file storage.

Get an Antique Bookshelf to Accompany Your Desk

Adding an antique bookshelf to your home office will not only give you extra storage space, but it makes for a great place to display some charming décor. Think about situating the antique bookshelf opposite your desk so that it can be a fun backdrop for your Zoom calls. If the bookshelf you find needs a little bit of love, you can always refinish it and make it look snazzy again.

Use an Antique Table for Additional Workspace

If your desk alone is not enough space for you to spread out with your laptop, second monitor, mouse, keyboard, papers, file storage, pen cup, coaster, coffee, water bottle, lamp, etc., then you should add an antique table for extra space. Using an antique table will give you additional room to work and a place your items, but still fit your desired aesthetic. Or maybe you want to feel fancy and add your own little coffee station sitting atop a cute repurposed antique table!

Sell Your Own Antiques

After all this antique shopping for your home office, you may discover a passion for finding vintage and antique goods. If this is you, think about turning this hobby into a business! A great way to share your love of antique furniture is by setting up your own booth at an antique mall.

You can profit from selling beautiful antiques and make money to help you buy even more antique and vintage pieces — to sell or maybe even keep for yourself!

Set Up Your Perfect, Modern Work-From-Home Station with Antiques

All that’s left is for you to get out there and find those perfect antique pieces for your home office. Shopping for antiques can be thrilling and fun — browsing an antique mall is like hunting for hidden treasure. It’s a rush when you find that perfect antique chair or bookshelf you have been searching for!

We hope we have inspired you to create a workspace in your home that is filled with comfortable, stylish antiques — and hopefully encourages you to get some great work done.

Ornate dark wood desk

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