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9 of the Hottest Vintage Home Décor Trends

Updated: Mar 20

One thing that was learned because of the pandemic was that home needs to not only serve many different functions but is also a sanctuary and safe place where troubles melt away and you can truly be your whole self. A large part of creating your blissful escape is decorating and finding those perfect pieces that make your home uniquely yours.

A perfect way to add individuality, comfort, and style to your home is through vintage home décor. With so many fun household furnishings and vintage décor to choose from, we thought we’d help with nine of the hottest vintage home décor trends.

9 Vintage Home Décor Trends

Vintage chair with orange velvet upholstery and funky blanket

1. Velvet

2. Rattan and cane furniture

3. Brass

4. Repurposed furniture

5. Mirrors

6. Vases and pottery

7. Vintage rugs

8. Books

9. Vintage textiles

1. Trendy Vintage Velvet

Vintage velvet is the perfect way to add texture, depth, and luxury to your home without breaking the bank. This chic fabric is making a major comeback and simultaneously provides a coziness factor while still being contemporary and glamorous. Velvet is a very versatile and durable texture - two perfect characteristics when shopping vintage!

Keep your eye out for vintage velvet home décor as you peruse your local antique mall’s booths. While most people think of velvet couches when they hear vintage velvet, the options do not end there! Decorating with vintage velvet throw pillows, curtains, ottomans, or extra cushions is a perfect way to add a rich accent and texture to any room in your home!

2. Rattan and Cane: The Naturals of Vintage Furniture

Rattan is a naturally occurring vine that can be woven together to make furniture. Cane is also rattan but uses the outer skin of the rattan stalk, which is then separated into long strands that are woven together in a process called caning. Rattan and cane furnishings were very popular in the 1970s and are currently making a big comeback!

Using vintage rattan and cane furnishings in a home gives an effortlessly sophisticated look while still grounding your room and overall aesthetic with a natural and “green” design. Rattan and cane are extremely strong, and these vintage goods usually boast exceptional craftsmanship, making them truly a treasure to find!

Types of Vintage Rattan and Cane Furnishings

Vintage painted rattan furniture
  • Chairs

  • Cabinet doors

  • End tables

  • Bedframes

  • Light fixtures

3. Vintage Brass

Brass is once again becoming the popular choice for home finishings and decorative additions. As opposed to chrome and nickel, vintage brass provides some warmth and softness to a space.

Vintage brass home décor can be items such as vintage light fixtures or doorknobs, but they can also be more decorative pieces like a vintage brass framed mirror, candle sticks, vases, or small figurines and knickknacks.

4. Vintage Furniture Reimagined

One of the trendiest things currently occurring with vintage furnishings is repurposing a piece of furniture to function as something totally different. For example, a vintage dresser can be repurposed as an entryway console, or a record cabinet could be the new bar or drink cart.

Bathroom vanities can sometimes lack any charm or style but customizing a vintage dresser or credenza as a vanity is a perfect way to add a polished custom look to your bathroom renovation! This is also a perfect time to remind you that shopping vintage home décor is a great way to save money while not compromising style, quality, or individuality!

5. Vintage Mirrors

Vintage mirrors are an ideal way to add character and intrigue to your walls while also being multifunctional. Vintage mirrors come in all types of shapes and sizes, as well as materials used. Whether you are looking for something ornate and detailed or sleek and refined, there is a perfect vintage mirror just waiting for you!

6. Vintage Vessels

On your next shopping trip to an antique mall, make sure to keep an eye out for vintage pottery vases and other types of decorative containers. Accessories like vintage vases, bowls, and various containers bring a warm and lived-in vibe to a space, as well as pops of color, shape, and texture.

The beauty of vintage home décor is that it is a little worn, used, and lived in, which helps give a more homey, authentic energy to a home. This results in a more inviting environment for both guests and you to truly let your hair down and relax!

Antique dresser with vintage rug

7. Decorate Your Floors with Vintage Rugs

Vintage rugs are only becoming more and more popular. In fact, many modern-made rugs are trying to recreate the patina and worn look that many vintage rugs have! Vintage rugs are a perfect way to add patterns and color to any space in your home, whether in a hallway, entry, or living room!

Tips for Buying Vintage Rugs

  • Look for rugs made of natural materials like wool, cotton, or silk, as these materials are durable.

  • Flip the rug over and look for repair patches. Large repair patches take away from a vintage rug’s worth.

  • Look at the weave and knot density on the backside of a rug. The more knots, the better!

8. More Than a Good Read: Decorating with Vintage Books

Vintage cookbooks

Vintage books are a perfect way to dip your toe into vintage home décor! The fun thing about shopping for vintage books is that you can consider both the titles of the book as well as the overall visual look and material. Have the best of both worlds with a classic Jane Austen novel bound in leather!

Look for vintage books with a certain color, pattern, or size to add intrigue to a coffee table or shelf. Or perhaps you’re looking for some ways to add character to your kitchen. Hunting for vintage cookbooks on your next shopping spree would not only be fun to test some recipes from but also to display in your China cabinet or atop your vintage buffet table!

9. Texture, Texture, Texture! Vintage Textiles for Home Décor

As we’ve already mentioned, vintage velvet and rugs are having a major moment and are just two examples of the ways vintage textiles are making their way back into homes everywhere! These textiles are a perfect way to add warmth, depth, and texture to your cozy home.

Types of Vintage Textiles to Look For

  • Vintage quilts

  • Vintage canvas sacks

  • Vintage tea towels

  • Vintage tablecloths/runners

  • Vintage embroidered pillowcases

  • Vintage blankets – especially knit and embroidered

  • Vintage bolts of fabric with funky designs

Bring some fun back into your home and next vintage shopping trip by hunting down some vintage home décor treasures! The possibilities are vast, and decorating with vintage items is an ideal way to make your home more uniquely you! Find your next vintage home décor items at America’s Antique Mall!

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