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Largest Antique Mall Illinois

Visit. Shop. Discover.


If you love quick trips to the thrift shop and weekend strolls through flea markets, we can do you one better: a 50,000-square-foot antique mall. Explore any type of collectible, from upcycled furniture to vintage baseball cards, all under one roof at the largest antique mall in Illinois. 


With a fresh space and hundreds of curated collections to browse, this large Algonquin antique mall has something for everyone. If you’re looking for a fun-for-all-ages outing or driving through the beautiful Midwest, stop by and discover the new, larger-than-life America’s Antique Mall Algonquin location today. 

2451 North Randall Road

Algonquin, IL

(224) 367-6069

Open Monday-Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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Why You Should Visit the Largest Antique Mall in Illinois

Every visit to this large Algonquin antique mall is an adventure. As our newest location, we can’t wait for people to experience the clean, wide aisles and eclectic yet organized feel. Open from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM every day, the largest antique mall in Illinois is just waiting to be explored. 


Whether you’re a niche collector or just looking for an invigorating weekend activity, there’s something for everyone at this vendor mall. Over 500 vendors set up shop in this large antique mall in Algonquin, filling each booth and showcase with completely unique stock. Spend hours walking the aisles until something speaks to you, or scour the mall for the missing piece to your collection—the choice is yours!


Pro tip: stop by one of our vendor mall events to meet collectors and find your place in our passionate community. 


Find Antiques, Vintage Items, and More!

When you visit our large antique mall in Algonquin, you’ll be shocked to see the wide assortment of collectibles available. Search each one-of-a-kind booth and peer into locked glass showcases to find just about anything, such as:


  • Rare coins

  • Collectible trading cards

  • Antique furniture

  • Vintage clothing

  • Nostalgic toys and plushies

  • Valuable bakeware

  • …and more!

Tips for Planning a Trip to the Largest Antique Mall in Illinois

If you’re looking for the perfect day trip outside of Chicago, it’s time to plan your visit to the largest antique mall in Illinois. Follow our helpful insider tips to make your shopping experience unforgettable: 


  • Tip #1: Get to this large Algonquin antique mall early to have the first pick of the litter. As our Illinois vendors constantly refill and rotate their stock, you’re never quite sure what’s waiting for you behind those front doors. 

  • Tip #2: Make sure your car has plenty of space. As the largest antique mall in Illinois, we’re proud of our wide selection of vintage, antique, and upcycled furniture. If you fall in love with a large desk or a big piece of wall art, you’ll want room in your vehicle to take it home with you. 

  • Tip #3: Feeling a little lost? Stop one of our kind employees if you have questions, can’t understand the map, or want a closer look at something in a glass showcase. They’re trained and ready to help you with anything you may need. 


Whether you’re coming in solo on your day off of work or bringing the whole family, we can’t wait to see you stop by and see the largest antique mall in Illinois for yourself! Join the America’s Antique Mall family today.

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Algonquin Store Map

Algonquin Antique Mall Map

Danielle C.


I had a good experience at this antique mall. It is massive! You could spend hours in here, and they even have an area in the back where you can sit down if you need a shopping break. There is a mix of vintage finds, homemade items, and local art items. The clothing selection was decent. Vintage handbags galore, and lots of high-end formal wear. ✨️ 😍 Like most antique malls, prices varied from vendor to vendor, with some being amazing and some being downright ridiculous. The staff were plentiful, and check out was quick and efficient! Would come back again!!

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