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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you explain how it works to be a vendor at America's Antique Mall?
    America’s Antique Mall is a a family of antique malls connecting vendors, collectors, and artisans with customers seeking a unique shopping experience, high quality goods and exceptional customer service. Each vendor (often called dealer or antique dealer) rents a portion of the store and makes it their own. The vendor is given a vendor id number through consignor access that will be on their tags along with the cost and a brief description of the item. Customers are able to shop hundreds of small shops and display cases all in the same building. When they find an item they want to purchase, they take the item to the front register where our customer service associates will check them out. Each vendor can login to our point of sales system and see his/her daily sales. Vendors can track their sales in real time from their phones or computers so they can know when to restock. At the end of the month, America’s Antique Mall cuts a check to the vendor for their total sales minus the next month’s rent and applicable fees. Vendors do not need to be present at the store to sell. You can setup your space, tag your merchandise, and let our team handle the customer service. Vendors who restock and re-merchandise their booths often have the best sales.
  • What type of Vendors May Apply?
    We will be filling the store with a large variety of high quality Vendors to create a shopping experience that exceeds our customers’ expectations. We will be looking for Vendors who specialize in antiques, furniture, home decor, jewelry, upcycles, Farmhouse décor, Refinishers, collectibles, makers, builders, creators, Mid-century modern, vintage and beautiful unique items. America's Antique Mall is a great choice for experienced Vendors who would like to expand their business, first time Vendors who are looking for a new adventure, creatives who sell online and would like to get their merchandise infront of local shoppers, store & botique owners looking for a second location with the overhead of having their own brick and mortor store. We will be selective when choosing our vendors as we value a quality shopping experience. If you have a Facebook page, Instagram account, or some photos of your items please share these when you apply.
  • What is the cost and how long is the lease?
    We charge rent by the square foot for booth rental. A 12% commission on total sales is collected which is used to cover the costs of the sale, wrapping & bagging and other point of sale fees. Our rent prices vary based on location. In Highland, IN booth rates are $3.00 per square foot and our locked cases start at $110. In Algonquin, IL booth rates are $3.25 per square foot and our locked cases start at $110. Our leases are month to month.
  • What advertising and marketing do you do?
    We have a large advertising and marketing budget to bring customers from near and far. AAM has an inhouse marketing team that focuses on print media, billboards, radio ads, social media including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube commercials and more. We also work with a firm that specializes in SEO (search engine optimization) and google ads which reaches thousands of people each day. Our marketing department is amazing! We have also discovered that our Vendors and shoppers spread the word with recomendations to their friends and family. When you find a place you LOVE to be, you want to tell every one you know!
  • What are the steps to sign up as a vendor?
    Fill out an application on our website. We will call you as we reach your application on the list. When our manager calls please be ready to; 1. Have any additional questions answered. :) 2. Choose your space. As you look at our map, please select 3 - 5 spaces that interest you and we will discuss them when we call so we can find the best booth for you from what is available. 3. Create your consignor access account. 4. Secure your $100 reservation which will go towards your 1st month rent. 5. Sign your lease agreement through Docusign a secure online document portal. You will need to have access to your email for this to go smoothly. We will walk you through each step, but it helps to know the process ahead of time.
  • How do I pick my space?
    Take a look at the AAM Map on our website. Please pick out several spaces that you are interested in. When we call you, we will help you determine the right size and area for you from the available spaces.
  • How can I prepare my booth for move in?
    All our booths will be pre built for easy move in. We encourage you to name your booth, decorate and make it your own shop. Large changes, like painting, adding architectural interest with height are allowed and will need to be approved by our manager.
  • How will I tag my items?
    The point-of-sale system we use is Consignor Access by Traxia. Consignor Access is very user friendly and it is how we keep track of your items. You will enter your items along with the price and description of the item into your Consignor Access account. Each item you enter into your account will have a printable tag that you will pick up at the store. Each tag has a bar code unique to you and you only. Barcodes help in speeding up the checkout process for a smooth check out process for our customers. When an item is purchased it will be automatically sold under your account where you can see your sales all day, every day. This is great for knowing what is selling and what needs to be restocked in your booth.
  • I’m not sure how to use Consignor Access? What should I do?
    We are happy to help you! Don’t worry, once you get the hang of it, you will love it. It is a pretty easy system that helps track items, and makes for a smooth check out for our customers and a simplified pay out system for you. One of the great features is that you can login into your account and check your sales from anywhere so you know what was sold in real time.
  • Are there times I can restock or make changes to my booth when customers aren't in the store?
    Yes! Once the store is open we will have monthly vendor work times so you can work on your booth, make changes to your space, and socialize with fellow vendors. You can always bring items in durning store hours, too. This extra time just for our vendors is great for brining in bigger pieces or doing larger scale rearranging in your booth.
  • Are there work requirements?
    No. Our Manager, Assistant Manager and Customer Service Associates are trained to run the store and all the sales so you can focus on making your booth fantastic.
  • What about sales tax?
    America's Antique Mall will collect and pay all sales tax on your behalf. While in many cases, creating a separate entity for you business is not necessary, for those who do have an entity and are required to file monthly sale tax reporting, please report $0 in sales for the portion of goods sold at AAM.
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