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 Florida's Best Antique Mall

Visit. Shop. Discover.


If you drive a little more than an hour toward the Atlantic Ocean, you’ll find a treasure trove for any lover of Orlando antique stores nestled in Brevard County – America's Antique Mall Melbourne. Where before, you may have needed days to cover the sheer volume of inventory collected within the walls of this remarkable building, now you can do it within a day. See what 35,000 curated antiques look like when you visit Melbourne, Florida's America's Antique Mall, and view firsthand the 215 booths spread before you.

Just a little over an hour from Orlando, Florida.

850 North Apollo Boulevard. Melbourne, FL 32935 

(321) 751-2480

Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM and Sunday 12-5PM.

Dealer Info

Whether you come for a morning or afternoon or plan to spend an entire day shopping antiques, you’ll want to make sure to wear comfortable shoes so you can investigate every corner of our Antique Mall. It’s like having a street lined with all your favorite antique stores, with all the adjacent walls knocked down, so you can easily wander from one to the next. That's precisely what America's Antique Mall delivers!


If you know you're in the market for a larger item, please consider your vehicle when visiting to make sure you can transport it home if you find your perfect piece. All items, just like at any antique shop, are one-of-a-kind and, once sold, are gone!


Exciting Reasons to Visit America's Antique Mall Melbourne


There are multiple reasons to take the scenic drive from Orlando to Melbourne to see why America's Antique Mall is much more dynamic than smaller  Orlando antique stores, like:


  • Spacious shopping aisles

  • Extraordinary customer shopping experience

  • Numerous monthly, vendor, and seasonal events

  • Exceptional, vetted, and cultivated vendor goods


What Kinds Of Items Are Carried At America's Antique Mall?


When you drive to Brevard County from any of  Orlando’s antique shops, you will be delighted by the vast multitude of items displayed within. Both vintage (items at least 20 years old) and antique (items at least 100 years old) pieces will be available in both booths and glass showcases. 


Within our walls, waiting for your browsing hands to unearth, you will find furniture, home décor, memorabilia, gifts, toys, holiday decorations, collectibles, and more. Deciding to change your house theme to Farmhouse décor? You can easily find items to fill in your spaces. Bohemian chic more your vibe? We have you covered.


From placemats to dining tables, antique door knockers to comic books, and clothing to bobbleheads, if it had space in your grandma's house or another era, chances are good you'll find it here. 


What Types of Events Happen At America's Antique Mall?


As if the excitement of having the equivalent of over 200 vendors under one roof wasn't enough, our rotating calendar of events keeps the adventure going!


Some of the events we have are:


  • Car shows multiple times a year

  • Seasonal events with Santa and the Easter Bunny – free photos

  • Vendor-focused events – chili cook-off, sweet treat bake-off

  • Monthly vendor-led events – Pyrex palooza, vintage toys, coin show, tea tastings

  • Community outreach – holiday toy drives, school supply drives, animal shelter drives


Schedule a Trip to America's Antique Mall Today!


Ready to head to Brevard County's most exciting spot to buy antiques and vintage collectibles? Head on over today! Note – dogs are allowed, both service and others, that are on a leash or that are kept in your cart or a bag. 

Store Map

America's Antique Mall Vintage Shop Map in Florida

"Being a vendor at AAM has been nothing short of extraordinary. The owners have been keeping the better interest of the vendors at the forefront of all their business decisions. Hats off to you!"

- Tom S.

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