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Antique Store Indiana

8311 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, IN 46322 | (219) 219-2386

 America's Antique Mall Highland, IN

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Whether you’re roadtripping through the scenic Midwest or looking for a new adventure in your hometown, there’s a special place that has something for everyone—the antique mall! With organized booths, clean and wide aisles, and a huge selection of eras at your fingertips, there are countless vintage collections waiting to be explored at this antique store Indiana location. 


We’re proud to say that our Highland America’s Antique Mall is one of the largest in the state, with over 60,000 square feet waiting to be explored. Join the passionate community, search for rare and exciting vintage finds, and stop by to explore the mall for yourself. 


Antique Store Indiana Stats:


Our antique malls are known for having hundreds of vendors and niche items to explore. Don’t believe us? See how the numbers stack up:


  • 600+ vendors

  • 324 booths

  • 350+ glass showcases

Highland America's Antique Mall Map of Booth

How to Shop at an Antique Store


Whether you’re a first-time Highland antique mall visitor or are eager to take your friends and family to your favorite vintage spot, a little planning and preparation is key. From holiday decorations to vintage sports memorabilia and more, there are countless collections to look at—so we suggest you stop by earlier in the day to get first picks. Many of the items are rare, so once something is bought, it’s gone!


Plan to spend a couple of hours in this Indiana antique mall so you can take your time walking the aisles and exploring each booth and showcase. When you get peckish, stop for a drink or snack at Eatery 41. We also recommend arriving by car or truck so you can easily take any larger finds home.  


Pro tip: If you have any questions or want a closer look at an item stored in a showcase, find one of our helpful employees! They’re willing and waiting to help make your visit as memorable as possible, so don’t hesitate to flag one down.


How Do You Become a Vendor?


If you’re interested in becoming one of our antique store Indiana vendors, you may be asking yourself if you have what it takes. Before applying to rent a booth or showcase, consider the following:


  • Collections: there’s nothing to niche—if you love it, you can sell it! We accept vendors specializing in antique furniture, heirloom jewelry, vintage fashion, upcycled goods, handmade treats, and more.

  • Community: are you willing to join the loving and exciting community at America’s Antique Mall? Although you won’t be handling the day-to-day sales at the store, we work hard to build a supportive community for vendors and customers through specialized Indiana vendor mall events, features on our social media accounts, and everyday shopping.

  • Passion: the vendors and their collections are the heart and soul of our antique store Indiana experience. When you’re passionate about your collections and turning a profit, it makes a huge difference in the feel of America’s Antique Mall.  


This new, large Indiana antique mall is more than just a store—it’s a treasure trove! Find a one-of-a-kind gem for yourself when you stop in today.

A Few Words From Our Vendors


"Being a vendor at AAM has been nothing short of extraordinary. The owners have been keeping the better interest of the vendors at the forefront of all their business decisions. Hats off to you!"

- Tom S.

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