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America’s Antique Mall Indiana

8311 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, IN 46322 | (219) 219-2386

 America's Antique Mall Highland, IN

You’ve been antique shopping in Indiana your whole life, and you feel that if you’ve seen one antique shop, you’ve seen them all. But wait – have you ever explored an Indiana antique mall? This is the exciting new option to spending hours walking (or driving) from Indiana antique shop to antique shop. The Highland, Indiana, Antique Mall has over 55,000 square feet brimming with vintage, antique, upcycled, and artisan-made items for you to explore – all under one roof.


Why would you do antique shopping the old-fashioned way, driving from antique store to antique store, when you can find the equivalent of a town of stores under one roof? With a consistent turnover of their products, you will find fresh items in the vendors’ booths with each visit you make to our Indiana antique mall.

When you visit America’s Antique Mall in Highland, Indiana, you will find over 300 vendor booths filled with continually updated inventory. If that’s not enough to get your browsing boots on, there are also more than 350 glass showcases of collectibles. Now might be the optimal time to find that long-sought-after Cubs baseball card or Star Wars bobblehead. You won’t be able to find any Indiana antique shop to compare with the sheer volume of delightful vintage and antique items on display at America’s Antique Mall in Indiana.


Whether you are coming for an hour or prepared to dive in for an entire day, you will not be disappointed with the vast assortment of items on display at our Indiana antique mall. If you are planning to look for larger items, you may want to consider bringing a vehicle that can transport them – once these items are sold, they’re gone. Due to the unique quality of many of the items housed at our Highland, Indiana, America’s Antique Mall, once they are sold, they are gone forever.


Why is America’s Antique Mall Special?


If the above didn’t make you want to pick up your car keys and head on over to America’s Antique Mall Indiana, perhaps these reasons will get you motivated:

  • Remarkable customer experience

  • An exceptional variety of antique, vintage, and handmade items

  • Wide aisles filled with different vendors

  • Fun, exciting monthly events for your whole family


Scheduling a Trip to America’s Antique Mall?


Don't wait until the birthday of a family member or the holiday season to set off for America’s Antique Mall. This is the best time to put on those walking shoes, wander the over 55,000 square feet of vendors, and discover all our Highland, Indiana, location has in high-value antique store and vintage items.


We have more than 600 vendors curating 309 booths and 400 glass showcases. That means that you will have many items to browse beyond what any individual antique store could provide. As a result, your antique shopping trip will be more fruitful than ever!


Don’t worry about packing a lunch or needing to eat before heading out. Our Highland, Indiana, America’s Antique Mall is home to Eatery 41, a great spot to grab a snack, coffee, beer, or glass of wine. Then, once you’ve refueled, you’ll be ready to head back out to find that unique treasure.


What Items Are Found at America’s Antique Mall?


A delightful array of items awaits at America’s Antique Mall in Indiana. We have more than 300 booths, 350+ showcases, and 40 open shelves of antique, vintage, upcycled, and artisan items, collectibles, furniture, home décor, memorabilia, toys, and more! You can’t find that large of an inventory at any Indiana antique shop!


Vintage, antique, collectible, and handmade items are found in our glass showcases and vendor booths. “Antique” refers to anything 100 years old, while “vintage” refers to things 20 years old and older.

What Events are Happening at America’s Antique Mall in Indiana?


While we know the sheer volume of our antique, vintage, and upcycled goods is enough to start your engines in our direction, we also have exciting events happening all year. Here are a few of our most notable:


Car show in July, featuring more than 100 cars

Seasonal visits from Santa and Easter Bunny, with free photos

Monthly Book Club at the Café

Monthly Comedy Club at the Café

Monthly Vendor-Led topical events (e.g., plants, fishing lures, furniture refinishing, gardening)


At America’s Antique Mall Indiana, you will find vintage, antique, and homemade:



Upcycled goods



Home décor



And so much more!


There is no better time of year to visit and see all we have to offer. With hundreds of vendors, any time you visit for antique shopping, you will see fresh collections to investigate and possibly discover new treasures to take home. And with Eatery 41 right on-site, you can celebrate your finds with a hearty toast!

Planning a Trip to America’s Antique Mall?


There is never a not-good time to visit America’s Antique Mall in Indiana! Why wait until you need to find a special gift? With over 600 vendors continually updating their inventory, you will be able to find something new whenever you come.


Another exciting addition to our Indiana Antique Mall is Eatery 41. Now you don’t have to worry about having a meal before you come or leaving when you or your companions get hungry. Instead, feel free to take a break and grab a snack or a cup of coffee, wine, or beer.


So, come visit and see all we have to offer at America’s Antique Mall in Highland, Indiana! Your Indiana antique shopping adventures will never be the same.

America's Antique Mall Highland, IL Store Map

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