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Antique Furniture Florida

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A treasure trove awaits your discovery in Florida’s Melbourne America’s Antique Mall. Rarely can someone in Brevard County uncover a Melbourne antique store of this magnitude, certainly not one that stands alone. The beauty of the Melbourne antique mall is that it spans a vast 35,000 square feet and is filled with antiques, vintage items, upcycled goods, and more for you to browse at your leisure.

850 North Apollo Boulevard. Melbourne, FL 32935 

(321) 751-2480

Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM and Sunday 12-5PM.

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Why Visit Our Florida Antique Mall


With hundreds of booths and showcases to sort through, every America’s Antique Mall Melbourne visit is a treat. Spend the day exploring over 35,000 square feet of curated collections to find exactly what you’re looking for, whether it be an antique desk to complete your home office or a new lamp to illuminate your retro living room. 


Each wide, clean aisle is filled to the brim with fascinating and stylish items. In our Florida antique mall, there’s more to find than antique furniture! Discover your next favorite vintage T-shirt, fall in love with an upcycled item, or find a thoughtful gift with handmade goods—the options are endless. 


What is the Difference Between Vintage and Antique Furniture?


For a piece of furniture to be considered antique, it must have been made a hundred or more years ago, while vintage furniture must be at least 20 years old. Knowing the difference can help guide you on your search for stylish and stunning pieces to spruce up your home décor. Lucky for you, our Florida antique mall has plenty of both!


5 Popular Design Eras of Vintage and Antique Furniture


Our Florida antique mall has countless furniture pieces available, spanning decades of different design eras and styles. Both professional collectors and novice home decorators alike love these five vintage and antique furniture styles:


1. Mid-century modern—whether you grew up in your grandparents' MCM home or love the set design of Mad Men, this post-World War 2 style is famous for its functional designs and bold colors. 

2. Art Deco—from the lavish parties in Great Gatsby to gorgeous architecture, the roaring ‘20s inspired symmetrical, clean, and opulent antique furniture designs. 

3. Victorian—fit for royalty, Victorian Era furniture is characterized by its over-the-top embellishments, luxurious fabrics, and ornate carvings.

4. Colonial—dating back to the mid-1600s, this style was created by early American colonists and features gorgeous, solid, plain wood furniture. 

5. William and Mary—popularized in the late 17th century, William and Mary furniture features elegant wood curves, opulent lacquer shines, and Baroque carvings.


Ask Our Knowledgeable Staff for Help


While our Melbourne vendors are in charge of replenishing their booths and showcases, they’re not on-site to handle day-to-day sales. But if you have any questions as you shop, don’t fear—our staff is here! Our employees are happy to point you in the right direction, take items out of showcase shelves for you to get a closer look, and check you out at the end of the day. 

Vintage pieces elevate any room, and with a wide selection of antique furniture, collectibles, and more, this Florida antique mall has something for everyone. But don’t just take our word for it! Stop in on your next day off or attend one of our Melbourne events to see for yourself. 

Melbourne Store Map

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