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Vendor Mall Illinois

There’s almost nothing better than stumbling upon that vintage, one-of-a-kind item you’ve been hunting for. The next time you feel that adventurous urge to search a thrift store, take your curiosity one step further and stop by a vendor mall. Every booth in our vendor mall in Illinois is filled with eclectic, curated collections just waiting for you to explore.  


Whether you’re looking for a Midwestern day trip or hunting down a niche item for your personal collection, our brand-new Algonquin location has over 50,000 square feet of space for you to explore. Peer into each glass showcase, walk through the wide aisles, and stop in often to discover the ever-changing stock at the more than 500 booths. Find an old treasure in a new space at our vendor mall Algonquin store

2451 North Randall Road

Algonquin, IL

(224) 367-6069

Open Monday-Sunday 10:00 am - 7:00 pm

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America’s Antique Mall is Unique


Traditionally, shopping for vintage wares involves driving from store to flea market to yard sale and back again. But, with our vendor mall Illinois location, you have it all in one place and can explore the expansive building full of unique collections. With personable employees ready to help at every turn, wide and organized aisles, and a massive assortment of antique, vintage, upcycled, and handmade goods, we take pride in creating the perfect space for vintage lovers, whether you’re a visitor or a potential vendor


5 Reasons to Become a Vendor


As we prepare to open the store, consider applying to be a vendor and move in before the busy holiday season!


1. Choose from small, medium, and large booths and glass showcases to display your collection.

2. Have your items uploaded to our online inventory system, Consigner Access.

3. Take part in the frequent vendor mall events we host, whether a seasonal gathering or niche collection day.

4. Sell your stock hands-free, with our employees handling all day-to-day sales.

5. Protect your priceless collections with our state-of-the-art security system. 


Plan Your Visit to the Vendor Mall Illinois


The vendor mall is fun for all ages! The next time you need to plan a family outing or want to entertain out-of-town guests, visit our vendor mall Algonquin location. With a little planning and a touch of preparation, you and your loved ones can experience all a vendor mall has to offer.


With endless booths and showcases to sort through, you deserve to have as much time as possible to ensure you see everything. We recommend that you arrive early in the day to get first access to each vendor mall collection (as well as a glimpse of our beautiful new building)! Consider arriving by car or truck so you can transport any large vintage furniture or cumbersome memorabilia home with you at the end of the day. 


Types of Items You’ll Find at the Algonquin Vendor Mall 


Every collector has their niche, and whether you’re searching for an antique doll or looking for handcrafted goods, the booths at our vendor mall have an endless assortment of items, such as: 


  • Antique furniture

  • Sports memorabilia

  • Collectible figurines

  • Unique gifts

  • Home décor

  • Upcycled items

  • Holiday décor 


Join our America’s Antique Mall family as a passionate vendor or curious collector and stop by our vendor mall Algonquin store as soon as possible. 

Store Map

A Few Words From Our Vendors

Algonquin Illinois America's Antique Mall Booth Locations

"Being a vendor at AAM has been nothing short of extraordinary. The owners have been keeping the better interest of the vendors at the forefront of all their business decisions. Hats off to you!"

- Tom S.

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