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Sign me up! 3 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Signs

Updated: Apr 10

At America's Antique Mall, our vendors find, make, and sell the best signs! You can add personality when decorating when you add fun touches like vintage décor and signs. These catchy items can add a bit of flair to your home, office, bar, and even your yard. So don’t delay – find your favorite vintage signs and get decorating today to show off your own personal style.

3 Ways to Use Vintage Signs in your Home Décor:

1. To add whimsy

2. To display interests

3. To add your own voice

1. Add a Touch of Whimsy with Vintage Décor

Our family, crazy loud and full of love vintage sign

Many of these vintage signs have fun and funny phrases on them that express a lot of personality. Find the perfect saying for your office or garage bar to bring a smile to readers and add a bit of fun to the space. Signs can also serve as great conversation pieces and add an eye-catching pop of color for visual interest.

You can also use vintage signs as reminders. Bathroom signs, for example, can remind guests to wash their hands while adding a little farmhouse flair. Your vintage décor will be sure to add a smile with its style.

2. Show Off Your Interests with Vintage Signs

Make sure your team spirit is loud and proud when displayed on a vintage sign. Or let the world know how much you love golf, your pets, or just about anything when you show off your favorite things with this fun, vintage décor. These vintage signs offer a unique way to decorate and let you express your own interests.

3. Chalkboard Signs Let You Say it with Style

Chalkboard sign with message

If you can't find just the right saying on a vintage sign to fit your room, chalkboards are an excellent way to use signs in decorating and stay flexible. You could use a chalkboard sign in the kitchen to keep track of items you need from the store or place one in your office for inspiring quotes and daily jokes.

If you love a good vintage sign, stop by America's Antique Mall in Florida, Indiana, or Illinois to see all of the unique items at our store.


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