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5 Surprising Items You Can Find in an Antique Mall

Updated: Feb 9

When you think of antique malls, what springs to mind? Endless rows of priceless furniture from your grandparent's generation? Maybe old magazines and vintage jewelry? While many antique stores feature these items, some of the most common items may surprise you!

There's something for everyone at America's Antique Mall! In fact, after reading this, you should take a look in your attic and basement—you may be hiding something valuable. Whether you're an avid antique doll collector or looking for new cookware, there are endless categories at antique stores. Shop your local vendor mall and get ready for some surprises!

5 Unique Things You'd Find at an Antique Mall

Keep your eyes peeled the next time you browse a vendor mall—you may be surprised by what you find. We’ll let you in on some secret favorites:

  1. Cookware

  2. Vintage college gear

  3. Books

  4. Handmade items

  5. Honey

Look for Vintage Cookware

Whether you're looking to furnish your new kitchen or need to replace a broken piece, you can shop antique malls for vintage cookware. Not only are vintage designs back in style but each piece is made to last. Items we may have written off as grandmother dishes are still usable, beautiful, and can be found all over the place! The next time you need to find cookware and dinnerware, skip the dime-a-dozen online stores and shop antiques at your local vendor mall.

Certain brands, like Pyrex and Le Creuset, have stood the test of time. People love hunting down specific cookware pieces from these brands and giving them a new life in their kitchens. There's a reason our mothers (and their mothers before them!) swear by these brands and use them to this day. Shop antiques and discover the world of vintage cookware to upgrade your kitchen.

7 Cookware Pieces to Look for at the Vendor Mall

  1. Chef knives

  2. Enameled Dutch ovens

  3. Cast iron skillets

  4. Vintage Pyrex

  5. Cutting boards

  6. Stainless steel pans

  7. Blenders

How to Determine if Your Vintage Cookware is Valuable

If you have hand-me-down vintage cookware going unused, we're here to tell you that it may be worth getting it appraised! Especially if your cookware is in mint or like-new condition. Most valuable cookware will have a brand and year stamped on the bottom.

Then, go to online sites like eBay and find how similar items were priced to determine the potential value of your cookware. Those who collect and set up antique booths are always looking to expand their collection, so find your local cookware buyer, and you could get a hefty price!

2. Find Vintage College Gear at Vendor Malls

Many antique malls nationwide have a large stock of vintage college gear! Anything from school pennants to classic vintage college T-shirts can be found when you shop antiques. Discover old designs, slogans, and colors of your favorite colleges and rock that trendy back-to-school preppy vibe that's all the rage right now.

If you have any loved ones graduating high school, vintage college T-shirts and sweatshirts are the perfect graduation gift! Help them commemorate this important milestone with clothing they can wear for the next four years of their school journey.

Pro tip: look at the antique malls closest to the specific university you're looking for. Alums, family members, and stores have likely passed down their vintage college sweatshirts and T-shirts, and you can score a unique piece!

3. Antique Malls Have All Kinds of Books

Before you shop online for a book, stop—did you know antique stores tend to be full of books? Whether you're a collector or need a new beach read, shop antiques to find the book you need. You'd be surprised to see the endless genres you can find, including everything from cookbooks to fiction to complete collections of authors to thesauruses, atlases, and more. So, shop antiques, browse the endless books, and join that bookworm community!

What Makes an Old Book Valuable?

If you're starting to collect or shop antique books, it's important to know that while the 19th century may seem old, books from that period are not regarded the same way. Just because a book is old doesn't mean it has great value. Many factors determine the price of an antique book, such as rarity, condition, and demand. Who knows—some of those hand-me-down books on your shelf may be valuable at vendor malls!

4. Discover Unique Handmade Items at Antique Malls

Antique stores are chock full of handmade, one-of-a-kind items created by passionate vendors! Anyone can set up shop at a vendor mall, not just collectors—people who specialize in different crafts get a chance, too! Shop antiques, and you can find almost anything, from crochet to oil paintings. They spend hours creating each piece just for you—so stop by and get a good look at the handmade booths.

Handmade Items Commonly Found at Thrift Stores:

Handmade Items: the Perfect Gift

The next time you're in need of a personal and thoughtful gift, shop antique malls and find the local artisan booths. The love you have for friends and family can best be expressed through handmade items created with the same kind of love. Explore different blankets, jewelry, and fragrances at vendor malls to find unforgettable gifts!

5. Enjoy Delicious Honey at Antique Malls

You'd never guess that antique stores often have fresh honey! Local beekeepers and honey-makers love bringing their stock almost as much as visitors love trying it. Whether you're looking for a gift or want to keep a jar of locally sourced honey for yourself, search for that liquid gold in the aisle of the vendor mall the next time you go.

Why You Need Always Need Honey at Home

If you don't already have honey at home, you’ll want to buy some the next time you shop antique malls for these reasons:

  • Heals wounds

  • Soothes sore throats

  • Aids colds

  • Gives antioxidants

  • Natural sweetener

Antique malls aren't just for vintage clocks and furniture—the items people bring may surprise you! From handmade gifts to giving new life to vintage college T-shirts and cookware, options are endless at vendor malls. Visit our Algonquin, Highland, or Melbourne location today and find out for yourself!

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