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Whether you call them tchotchkes, knickknacks, or trinkets, one thing is certain: there’s a whole wide world of collectibles out there. Luckily, you can find a variety of them in one place! Antique malls are home to countless unique collections, from rare baseball trading cards to copper figurines and more. Whatever your niche is, there’s a vintage collectible waiting for you to find it at our Melbourne antique mall


Shopping at an antique mall is so much more than crossing off another errand on your to-do list. With over 250 vendors selling vintage collectibles, antique furniture, retro clothing, upcycled goods, and more, the entire store is a treasure trove waiting to be explored. Stop by to look for the missing piece to your collection or spend a few hours browsing collectibles in each curated aisle. 

850 North Apollo Boulevard. Melbourne, FL 32935 

(321) 751-2480

Open Mon-Sat 10AM-5:30PM and Sunday 12-5PM.

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5 Standout Features of Our Melbourne Antique Mall


As one of the largest antique malls in Florida, we take pride in creating a welcoming and fun environment for all of our customers: 


  • Each wide aisle is kept clean and organized

  • Over 35,000 square feet are waiting to be explored 

  • Plenty of events for the community to enjoy every month

  • Hundreds of vendors, each with different interests

  • Personable and helpful customer service


What is a Collectible?


A collectible refers to any item someone considers worth collecting, whether for monetary reasons or pure nostalgia. Antique and vintage collectibles can be big or small, from rare mid-century modern coffee tables to retired CorningWare dish patterns. Whatever your niche is, our Melbourne antique mall could have it!


Types of Vintage Collectibles Melbourne Offers


No two Melbourne antique mall visits are alike, as each vendor constantly rotates their stock. When you stop in, there’s a chance you’ll find vintage collectibles like these:


  • Popular vintage toys (Barbies, Hot Wheels, and more!)

  • Rare coins

  • Antique kitchenware

  • Glass or copper figurines

  • Stuffed animals

  • Sports memorabilia

  • Light fixtures

  • Vintage clocks

  • … and so many more!


How to Become a Melbourne Antique Mall Vendor


Have you been wondering if it’s time to turn your antiquing hobby into a career? Becoming a Melbourne antique mall vendor may be the right move for you. With access to an online inventory system, high-tech security, and marketing and advertising, our Melbourne antique mall has everything you need to get started. 


We’re always searching for passionate and professional collectors to fill out our antique mall. When you apply to rent a space at our Melbourne location, you can choose between a booth (perfect for larger items such as furniture or clothing racks) or a glass showcase (which is ideal for smaller collectibles such as jewelry, figurines, and more). As for the day-to-day sales, you won’t have to lift a finger—our lovely staff will help your customers find exactly what they’re looking for. 


Whether you make shopping at our antique mall a Sunday tradition or stop in on a whim, each visit feels special. And with vintage collectibles, furniture, and homemade goods at every turn, who knows what you’ll take home? We hope to see you soon at America’s Antique Mall Melbourne!

Melbourne Store Map

America's Antique Mall Florida Store Map
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