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NWI's Premier Antique Mall

8311 Indianapolis Blvd. Highland, IN 46322 | (219) 219-2386

 America's Antique Mall Highland, IN

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The Best Antique Mall in Northwest Indiana

Within our Highland America’s Antique Mall walls, you will be met with a veritable astounding assortment of vintage, antique, and upcycled items beyond anything a simple antique shop could contain. Rather than having one antique shop, our Northwest Indiana Antique Mall has many booths under one roof!


With more than 600 vendors stocking 309 booths and 400 glass showcases, you will discover that this Northwest Indiana Antique Mall has everything you could imagine and more. So, choose a day and come investigate all that Highland America’s Antique Mall has to offer.


Why Is America’s Antique Mall Unique?


We are excited to introduce the Northwest Indiana Antique Mall concept to you! Among our many offerings, we think you will be most delighted by the following:


  • Extraordinary customer experience 

  • Outstanding variety of antique, vintage, and handmade items

  • Large aisles filled with vendors

  • Engaging monthly events for your entire family


Contemplating a Trip to America’s Antique Mall in Highland?


Any day is the perfect time to visit our Northwest Indiana Antique Mall in Highland, IN. There is no need to wait till the holidays or a special occasion; our vendors always stock their booths with high-quality items that will rival anything in a local antique shop. Our 60,000-square-foot facility is brimming with items you’ll want to see, so ensure you wear your walking shoes.


Additionally, we have an on-site restaurant, Eatery 41. Now you don’t need to be concerned about bringing food with you or needing to leave when you or your companions become hungry. Our well-run establishment offers coffee, snacks, wine, and beer. Once you have recouped some energy, you are set to head back out and forage for more rare antique shop finds among our carefully curated vendors.


Pro tip: If you are considering buying furniture, bring a larger vehicle to transport your trophy purchase home because these items, like things you find in traditional antique shops, are not mass-produced. If you like what you see, you should buy it immediately. Once these hard-to-find items are sold, they are gone!


What Types of Items Are Offered At America’s Antique Mall?


At our Northwest Indiana Antique Mall located in Highland, IN, you will find a fantastic assortment of antique, vintage, homemade, and upcycled items. “Antique” can refer to any item that is more than 100 years old. “Vintage,” on the other hand, can refer to items that are as old as 20 years or, more usually, 40 years. 


Our items can be:

  • Collectibles

  • Furniture

  • Upcycled goods

  • Home décor

  • Memorabilia

  • Gifts

  • Toys

  • And so much more!

America’s Antique Mall is much more than just an antique shop. Stop in and see what makes us so unique. Due to our large number of vendors, the booth selection is ever-changing. Between their booths and the curated collection held within the 400 glass showcases, you will be met with new inventory every time you come to browse and shop. America’s Antique Mall Highland is a consistently changing landscape, and you are all the richer for it. 


And when you are done shopping, you can stop at Eatery 41 and raise a glass to toast your good fortune!

Antiques Mall Northwest Indiana Map of booths

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