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Vintage Furniture Algonquin

Illinois is known for many things, from the Chicago Cubs playing at Wrigley Field to the long, cold winters. But have you ever heard of its amazing antiquing scene? We have! That’s why we decided to open our newest location in The Prairie State.


When you shop for antiques and vintage furniture at our Algonquin antique mall, you’ll be met with hundreds of vendors, each with beautiful, curated collections. With over 50,000 square feet to explore, every booth, showcase, and shelf is filled to the brim with different items just waiting to be discovered. Whether you’re on the hunt for a timeless mid-century modern desk or a rare quarter for your coin collection, we may have exactly what you’re looking for. But there’s one way to find out—stop by!

America's Antique Mall Algonquin

2451 North Randall Road

Algonquin, IL

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Reject Modern Trends and Shop Vintage


When it comes to filling your home with pieces that fit your style, you deserve a house that matches your unique décor preferences. Anyone can stop by a big box retailer and purchase a dime-a-dozen poster or coffee table—it takes someone with an eye for beauty to shop for one-of-a-kind antiques. The next time you need to replace something in your home, whether it be serving platters, knickknacks, or a dining room table, consider buying something vintage from one of our passionate Algonquin vendors


Eras of Vintage Furniture Algonquin Has to Offer


With seemingly endless aisles of vendor booths to search through, there are exciting antiques waiting for you at every turn.


Discover a few of the most popular eras for vintage furniture and décor at our Algonquin store, such as: 


  • Art Deco

  • Arts and Crafts

  • Mid-Century Modern

  • Victorian

  • Contemporary

  • Retro ‘70s

  • …and more!


Plan Your Visit to America’s Antique Mall Algonquin


Whether you’re a first-time Algonquin store visitor or a repeat customer, stepping through those doors can feel overwhelming! With over 500 vendors boasting antiques, vintage items, upcycled goods, handmade items, and more, where are you supposed to start? As you plan your visit, know that questions are normal and can be answered any time by our lovely and knowledgeable staff! If you’re searching for a specific item, want to look at something within a glass showcase, or have any general questions, our employees are at your disposal.


To see every piece of vintage furniture Algonquin has to offer, we recommend spending a couple of hours doing a top-to-bottom search of the space. Driving (ideally in a truck) is a wise choice in case you fall in love with oversized armoires or larger-than-life wall art pieces and need to take them home at the end of your visit. Above all else, remember to have fun, and let the spirit of antiquing guide you! 


Events at the Vintage Furniture Algonquin Store


Now that we’re open, we have big plans for our antique and vintage furniture Algonquin store events! Check our calendar often for updated events throughout the year, which may include:


  • Santa visits

  • Car shows

  • Workshops

  • Plant swaps

  • Easter Bunny pictures

Since you’re never sure what you may find, every antique mall trip is an adventure. But don’t just take our word for it—visit our newest branch of America’s Antique Mall in Algonquin, Illinois, and see for yourself!

America's Antique Mall Algonquin Booth Map

A Few Words From Our Vendors

"Being a vendor at AAM has been nothing short of extraordinary. The owners have been keeping the better interest of the vendors at the forefront of all their business decisions. Hats off to you!"

- Tom S.

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